Sunday, January 20, 2008

Strange rise of Eastern neo-colonialism

S. Swaminathna wrote an interesting editorial in today’s Times of India called " Strange rise of Eastern neo-colonialism ". Article is about how Western economies are taking help from Eastern Sovereign Wealth Funds ( SWF ) to rescue there companies. So he argues that days of IMF have gone and now East may start dominating West through these MNC board rooms.

An article on Yahoo Finance called " Sovereign Wealth Funds Eye US Deals " shows how much money is being borrowed by West from Eastern SWFs. keeps track of SWF Investments.

Another article on Online Journal stuck me today. It's called " The planned collapse of America ". At this point of time there may not be any direct link between the two, or is there any?

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Merrill Lynch : $22.1bn
Citigroup : $18bn
UBS : $13.5bn
Morgan Stanley : $9.4bn
HSBC : $3.4bn
Bear Stearns : $3.2bn
Deutsche Bank : $3.2bn
Bank of America : $3bn
Barclays : $2.6bn
Royal Bank of Scotland : $2.6bn
Freddie Mac : $2bn
JP Morgan Chase : $1.3bn
Credit Suisse : $1bn
Wachovia : $1.1bn
IKB : $2.6bn
Paribas : $439m

Basic Math shows $89 billion loses so far

I was wondering who's money these banks are writing off and who is having this money right now?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Kerala - an alternative way of life

Kerala is complete contrast to the rest of the country. It’s hard to believe that life can float and survive. There were striking pictures of grandma giving a ride to kids on a rowing boat or a school having a school boat. I am glad we went there to understand that there are many forms of life.
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Is it Pollution?

I don't know what this vessel is doing. It looks like Pollution to me.
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Vasco Da Gama Square

The place where Vasco Da Gama was burried. Fort Kochi is a place near Cochin, Kerala.
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